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Up close and personal with intricate textures and colours.


Scales on the Belly of a Desert Spiny #Lizard (Sceloporus magister). #patterns and #textures

Kalahari Desert

Rust | さび | Rouille | ржавчина | Ruggine | Herrumbre | Chip | Decay | Metal | Corrosion | Tarnish | Patina | Decay | Janet Little Jeffers

took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer


Karoline Hermansen Glasgow School of Art newdesigners.com

celiabasto:  100% ART

Lichen on paint - beautiful blue/green colour tones, surface pattern and texture; organic inspirations for designAloe excelsa flowers

This is an example of texture. It is an example of texture because even though we cannot feel the tire we know from expirience what is feels like and we can picture it. We can also see also see the ridges and desgins.

I like this reptile skin because of the mix of colours and the pattern.

la textura de color rosa

Kaktus                                                       …

Beautifully constructed woven textiles with 3D textures; textile manipulation; structured surface design

in this image the photographer has used a macro lens to capture the detail and texture in the coral, there isn't a lot of color in it so that takes away some of the distraction so we focus more on the lines and imagine what it would feel like to touch it and feel it, which creates a lot more of interest in it. it gets the viewers senses flowing



Source: patternity.org


iridescent | mother-of-pearl | gleaming | shimmering | metallic rainbow | shine | anodized | holographic | oil slick | peacock | iridescence | Abalone Shell Stretched Canvas

The Sill - We Love

weathered <3scales

Zebra Stripes | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Green Grass

sea foam //

April and May| April and May hearts var ultimaFecha = '10.5.13'

Minhas impressões para Decoupage

Protea | Heinrich van den Berg

Yellow leaf texture

burnt blackened wood cracked shiny

shagreen (stingray leather)

Fluffy fur pink iPhone wallpaper

limm algorithmic design patterns — Designspiration

~~ bamboo close up by omnia* ~~

elephant apple leaves, Australia

Dandy Shoe Care


Images via newdesigners.com, fromupnorth.com, flickr.com, piccsy.com,, 31art.tumblr.com, aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.com.au, society6.com, planthunting.com, haberdash-ery.tumblr.com, baenk.com, orangegrenadine.tumblr.com, digitalgallery.co.za, abduzeedo.com 



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