Feline basic.

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Uncle May clothing label designer Teegan Haidle and film director, Dana Marie Newell have teamed up to produce a social media campaign that breaks new ground in the medium by combining fashion, story and a sense of ferocity.
With intellect and passion propelling them, Haidle and Newell have produced a 3 min short film to be released in chapters via Instagram and Facebook beginning 1st of Feb 2017.
 “We chose to make the narrative and the story the driving force behind this fashion film” Newell says. “It was written specifically with visual hooks and storyline cliffhangers at every release interval to keep our audience engaged and wanting more each day.”
The clothing itself will not be highlighted. Instead the foundational concept of the film is to share a stylistic idea and a conceptual movement that is the essence of who Uncle May are; a brand that promotes quality, minimalism and confidence.
This campaign concept isn’t just a fashion video, but instead is forum for two creative women to come together to tell a story that inspires women to make bold choices with who they are through a fun and quirky story.
Follow Uncle May on Facebook and Instagram to see the story of Lyla, Duke and their cat, Willow.
For now take a look at some of the BTS shots taken on filming day.
Aaron Farrugia shooting the first scene. Annie getting comfy in the gorgeous linen sheets.

Dana giving some direction to Annie before another take


The talented team in between shots


Linen on linen on linen


Annie (Lyla) deciding on an #ootd


A wardrobe full of Uncle May


Dave in hair & makeup with the lovely Steph Victoria


Getting to know Willow and trying to steal kisses


In the Nicholas Building. Stairs and stairs and stairs.


Our last location. Showcasing Melbourne. We got pretty lucky with the weather.


UNCLE may is an independent clothing label designed in Melbourne, Australia inspired by overfilled wardrobes and the nothing-to-wear moments. Behind every garment is the attitude that less is more and that dressing well shouldn’t be so complicated. Each piece is designed for wearability and versatility with a focus on natural fabrics that feel oh-so-good to wear. xx
UNCLE may xx